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Welcome to the official documentation for TShock.

We are currently migrating the old wiki (the one on Github) to Confluence.

New to TShock? Read ALL of these in order, first.

Want to develop?

Need help? ( AND read all of the above? )

If you need help with TShock, there are several places to ask for help:

  • The first, and best place to go is the Guide and Tutorial subforum.  You should make sure to read all the information here before posting your question on the help and support subforum.
  • Ask on the forums. Be sure to include a log dump of what ever error you're experiencing, and search prior to asking a question. We're busy all the time, and we may react badly to questions we've already answered.
  • Ask on IRC
    • You can access IRC via the website
    • Or via the direct network information:
      • Host:
      • Port: 6667
      • Channel: #tshock
  • Ask on the forum shoutbox
  • Ask on Teamspeak
    • Host:
    • Port: 9987
    • Although we'll be happy to help, your questions will be ignored and you will be removed if you're just playing around.
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